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The residents of Navi Mumbai were concerned about the destruction of mangroves, lakes and wetlands in Navi Mumbai. These are environmentally important, ecologically sensitive and are natural habitats for migratory birds. The residents have been taking up the issues with the authorities over last several years but there was very little response. The concerned residents, therefore, decided to form Navi Mumbai Environment Preservation Society.

The main objectives of the NMEPS society are:

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To promote / educate and to raise issues and awareness related to environmental protection / preservation / conservation with particular reference to the conservation of mangroves/lakes/wetlands/natural water bodies / natural holding tanks and ecological sensitive areas in Navi Mumbai.

  • To promote / educate and to raise issues and awareness related to environmental protection / preservation / conservation with particular reference to the conservation of mangroves / lakes / wetlands / natural water bodies and natural holding tanks and ecologically sensitive areas.
  • To educate, guide and to disseminate scientific information on the protection and management of the wildlife / natural habitant.
  • To facilitate research through logistic support lodgings, laboratory facilities , transport, communications, on-site reference documentation.
  • To act as medium between researchers and Environmental bodies and other institutions and to act as a repository of research papers.
  • To maintain a directory of local expertise for use for visitors, meteorologists and researchers.
  • To create local information packages.
  • To develop and maintain a database of existing species and historical of natural flora and fauna.
  • To participate and collaborate with students of tertiary and other institutions in the development of science related projects / environmental related studies for future research.
  • To promote and educate all members of society and of general public on the environmental protection and on results of research done in and around the Navi Mumbai and elsewhere.
  • To carry out and apply research for socio-economic development and to apply results of this and other research with particular to the conservation mangroves, wetlands, lakes and growth of crops, technology and sustainability of the local environment.
  • To enhance and ensure the protection the natural resources and its environment and to provide for the development and regeneration of the forms of flora and fauna in the area of Navi Mumbai and elsewhere.
  • To identify areas for the preservation of enlarged species of wildlife native to coastal areas and to promote the development and regeneration of all flora and fauna therein.
  • To promote and assist the development and enhancement, maintenance and conservation of surface and subterranean fresh water systems, including spawning and breeding areas , and to provide guidance into works intended to enhance marine fresh water life ecosystems.
  • To promote a wider knowledge and understanding of the need for and of the methods available for the conservation and preservation of the natural environment and the diversity of wildlife.
  • To promote and undertake scientific study and research in the ecological status of areas in and around Navi Mumbai and elsewhere and in the methods available and measures necessary to preserve, enhance and regenerat4 the natural environment and wildlife in these areas.
  • To Begin Library as we as reading Hall as reading Library.
  • To create awareness among the general public about the necessity of maintaining cleanliness in houses, surroundings and public places. This will be done through groups meetings, circulars, cooperative society meetings.
  • Assist citizens to follow good practices of housekeeping.
  • Educate students and young groups about cleanliness and management of solid municipal waste.
  • Educate and train people in composting biodegradable waste.
  • Special focus on slum areas for betters sanitation and waste management.
  • Research and development on recyclable and non-recyclable waste.
  • To bring together various community people under one roof for effectively promoting ‚Äúpopulation control and clean environment.


Regular Membership to NMEPS is strictly by invitation or by formal application and consent of the Management Committee. Indian any person who is above 18 years and staying in the vicinity who shall be willing to join the organization and who shall subscribe to the objects of the organization , shall apply for membership in writing. The application shall be considered and approved by the Managing Committee within one month from the date of receipt. The power to accept or reject the application shall vest with the Managing Committee.

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