About Forest Conservation

“Forests not only help keep our air clean but it is also home to about two thirds of the Earth’s species. If we keep cutting down trees, there will be no more left to see.”

Keeping in view the importance of forests in our life, the people all over the world have stopped unnecessary deforestation. Our Government has also made laws to prevent unnecessary felling of trees. Government has decided to declare certain forests as protected areas. These protected areas are called Reserves or wild Life Sanctuaries. Here no one is allowed to hunt animals. There are about 150 wild life sanctuaries in India. People come from all over the world to see these sanctuaries. They consist of some of the most beautiful and rare animals.
Forestry in India is a significant rural industry and a major environmental resource. India is one of the most forest-rich countries of the world.
The Forest (Conservation) Act, 1980 came in to force with effect from October 25, 1980. Under the provisions of this Act, prior approval of the Central Government is essential for diversion of forest lands for the non-forestry purposes.

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