Mission & Vision:

Aims & Objects:
The residents of Navi Mumbai were concerned about the destruction of mangroves, lakes and wetlands in Navi Mumbai. These are environmentally important, ecologically sensitive and are natural habitats for migratory birds. The residents have been taking up the issues with the authorities over last several years but there was very little response. The concerned residents, therefore, decided to form Navi Mumbai Environment Preservation Society.

The main objectives of the society are:
To promote / educate and to raise issues and awareness related to environmental protection / preservation / conservation with particular reference to the conservation of mangroves/lakes/wetlands/natural water bodies / natural holding tanks and ecological sensitive areas in Navi Mumbai.

The main objectives of the society are:


Regular Membership to NMEPS is strictly by invitation or by formal application and consent of the Management Committee.
Indian any person who is above 18 years and staying in the vicinity who shall be willing to join the organization and who shall subscribe to the objects of the organization , shall apply for membership in writing. The application shall be considered and approved by the Managing Committee within one month from the date of receipt. The power to accept or reject the application shall vest with the Managing Committee.